Career Coaching & Mentoring

The HR Link works with both individual and business clients with career planning to help make a positive impact on a personal and career level.
The word ‘career’ is used in many different ways and has many connotations. Sometimes ‘having a career’ is used to apply to someone who has a profession or whose occupational life is well structured and involves steady advancement.

The services offered for individual clients will follow a structured process where a number of one-to–one meetings with aptitude tests and questionnaires are used to help highlight skills, occupational interests and personality. These can be useful to help you assess the potential suitability of different occupations, training courses, or work environments. No single test or exercise can produce the ‘right’ answer, however it may contribute significantly to the overall picture. The various questionnaires will help to identify recurring themes, thereby increasing clarity and confidence in the results. This acts as a sound basis for developing a picture of your future career direction.

The services offered to business clients will be bespoke to meet business needs, however the same principles will be used. In most cases, it will be meeting with an individual employee for a career review. This is appropriate if an individual wants to:

  • discuss ways of developing their career
  • talk over a recent appraisal, performance review or assessment centre
  • discuss current or possible changes in the business or field of employment
  • examine longer term career aims
  • review career to date
  • explore ways of improving self-marketing

A career review will give an individual an opportunity to discuss their thoughts and feelings about their career. Are you ‘on track’ or do you need to make some changes?
Group bespoke sessions can also be arranged for clients, depending on business need.
Job search and career management requires more thorough preparation than ever before as the job market has changed considerably over the past few years and you need to be armed with the tools to help you stand out from your competition.

A four stage process is used with individuals to help develop a professional job search and career management strategy.

  Stage 1: Who am I?
Stage 2: What do I want?
Stage 3: How can I get what I want?
Stage 4: How do I market myself?

What can you gain from effective Career Management?

  • Greater self-confidence, the ability to narrow down the range of opportunities to pursue
  • From this confidence, the ability to narrow down the range of opportunities to pursue
  • A clearer vision for your future direction
  • The identification of skills transferable to new areas
  • Knowledge of how your particular qualities suit certain work contexts more than others
  • The confidence to consider new ways of developing and pursuing your potential
  • Understanding more fully what motivates you at work
  • Improved decision making skills
  • The courage to make a change of career or job, if appropriate
  • An Action Plan for your career and personal development
  • Contacts in relevant employment fields.

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