Personal Development

The HR Link has a real passion for delivering personal development training. An investment in personal development is an investment in a career.
The Mastering Motivation workshop is a one day personal development programme which teaches participants to take control of their life and create a strong vision for the direction that they wish to follow. The training is based on the work of Dawn Breslin who is a worldwide leader in the field of personal transformation. The workshop will help boost your confidence, overcome your limitations and help to break down your fears.

The aim of the workshop is to provide a clear message that participants can adopt a positive ‘nothing can stop me’ attitude. The focus is on creating a Life in Balance (Health & Wellbeing, Relationships, Work and Time Out for Me) and explain how they are all intrinsically linked. If we keep each area in sync and develop goals with a strong focus on them, then we are more likely to gain direction and feel in control, helping to reach our full potential. Participants gain clarity by setting goals and using visualisation exercises to tap into their own subconscious.

imageThis workshop will be a great start point for those individuals who have lost their vision on what it is they want from life and work/life balance. It may be that you are having difficulty in developing yourself further because of other problems that are going on in your life. Participants are encouraged to open up and share personal experiences and step out of their comfort zone.

This is not a course for those individuals who feel they need more personal in depth counselling.

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